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Invitation to 'Awakening'


"Close both eyes to see

with the other eye."

~Rumi, as translated by Coleman Barks

These are energy tools that are an invitation to 'Awakening'

::: to remembering our multidimensional nature & history


::: to bringing through the knowledge, 'keys and codes' that we have spent lifetimes honing, collecting, learning, and preparing for these times


::: to re-collect that this moment in earth's history is one many of us have experienced on other worlds before ::: we have the experience and expertise to turn back our climate crisis – we just have to bring it forth from our SOULS and our connections in the stars

To begin, we should:

::: Unite our souls with our physical bodies


::: Transform and shed our 3d trauma, and that of our more traumatized friends, neighbors & family including ancestors


::: Remember what it is to be in love with All Beings, our Surroundings, "Mother Earth & Father Sky"

::: Rescralize our lives and live them in LOVE & JOY & POSITIVITY

Image by Juskteez Vu
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