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Healing the Heart Wounds


Manifest*Essence's HEALING THE HEART WOUNDS SET comprises 6 full color 6"x4" cards and 6 half-ounce flower essence combinations that are Energy Tools for Self-Healers & Trauma-Care Practitioners.

The cards utilize art, geometry, color & meditation prompts to create space for healing the "heart wounds" that keep us trapped within unhealthy trauma-coded responses. Each card is a unique composition including a landscape, a color ray that relates to the chakra where the wound sits, the planetary body/-ies related to that chakra, and a sacred geometry form or "stargate" that invites a meditative exploration and expansion.

They are intuitively designed to break open and reveal those unconscious patterns that we run in our lives that are not serving our highest good, but are keeping us stuck in the muck of 3d trauma.

Alongside each of the six cards is a custom-mixed Flower Essence Combination to support you as you move from Trauma to Healing.

The Five Heart Wounds represent "flavors" of trauma that we all experience in greater or lesser degree. Manifest*Essence's HEALING THE HEART WOUNDS SET helps us to break out of the "bad scripts" that we run when our traumatized hearts get triggered...

1. The Wound of Abandonment & The Cure of Self-Love 
2. The Wound of Betrayal & The Cure of Trust 
3. The Wound of Denial & The Cure of Truth-Speaking

4. The Wound of Judgement & The Cure of Forgiveness 
5. The Wound of Separation & The Cure of Surrender 

6. BONUS: The Sovereign aka The Golden Heart

We step into Self-Sovereignty and Personal Empowerment when we have transformed our Heart Wounds into sources of Strength, Resiliency and Beauty – instead of allowing them to rule us and make us small and fearful. Heal your heart today!

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Ready to begin?

HHW | Vision Cards

A set of six cards with geometric energy portals, information about pattern-breaking and pattern-healing, and mantras.

HHW-essence+card-set_cover pic for etsy-s.png

HHW | Flower Essence Set

The six cards mentioned on the left, as well as six 0.5oz flower essence combinations, to support your Self-Healing.

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