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Thanks for your interest in Manifest*Essences, our handmade-with-love, wildcrafted Flower Essences! This is a great place to learn all about how to Choose & Use Flower Essences... 

So, what are Flower Essences?

Let’s start with the easy part, what flower essences aren't: they are not perfumes, essential oils, or herbal tinctures. They don’t smell like flowers or taste like flowers. They do taste like whichever carrier you’ve chosen: white vinegar* or brandy. (*Please note: vinegar-based essences do contain up to 3 drops of brandy per ½ ounce.) 

What Flower Essences ARE is vibrational medicines... They work on our spiritual bodies, and help deal with unhelpful emotions by helping to clear obsessive thinking and outdated emotional patterns...

“Flower essences (not to be confused with essential oils) are specially prepared liquid tinctures made from all sorts of flowers… Flower essences are not a physical medication in that they do not contain specific molecules of medicinal substances taken from ground-up flowers. Rather, flower essences are prepared by picking fresh flowers, still wet with dew, and placing them in a clear glass bowl of spring water during the early-morning hours. The bowl of flowers is left in bright sunlight for a period of several hours. During this time, a unique process takes place. The energy of sunlight appears to transfer a certain aspect of the flower – the very pattern of its life-force energy – directly into the water. Unlike homeopathy, which hinges upon success and dilution to imprint water with the vibrational pattern of different substances from nature, flower-essence preparation usually depends upon the energy of sunlight to imprint water with the healing vibrational properties of flowers… Brandy is added to the water in a one-to-one ratio. The sun-drenched liqueur is often referred to as the “mother tincture.” ” (Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: 199-200)

     Interested in learning more about the History/Development of Flower Essences?

     >>> Read more HERE

What are Flower Essences?

 How do I use Flower Essences? 

Flower Essences should be taken, 3 drops at a time, under the tongue or in a glass of pure water.

You can choose a different flower essence every day, or work with an essence for a longer period of time, for three to seven days in a row. Pay attention to any shifts or changes that you notice. You can take a break and resume, or try a different flower essence next.

We strongly recommend that you work with a (dream) journal while you're "meeting" new Flower Allies with the essences – that way you won't forget any details, or miss any messages that might not become clear until later...


If you're looking for something more personalized and powerfully-you, we can schedule a chat to make a Personalized Combination that's designed to address an issue that's active in your life right now. Check out our SHOP for more details, here. Alternatively, you can choose your own 2-3 essences, and make your own custom combo at home.

Looking for a truly transformative tool kit? Check out our HEALING THE HEART WOUNDS Flower Essence & Portal Card Set HERE.

How to Use Flower Essences

How to Choose a Flower Essence

Goodie, it's time for the fun part!

There are lots of ways to choose a flower essence: see which one 'jumps out' or 'sparkles' at you... because of the words of the card, the location of the bottle (or shop listing!), the image of the flower, or just because it's a flower (or tree) that you know and love.

Those are all great reasons to choose to work with a particular Flower Essence.

"You can't get it wrong and you never get it done," as Abraham (via Esther Hicks) likes to say... and it's true: You can't get it wrong! Whichever flower pops up for you is the right one for you. You're the boss: trust your intuition! And always follow the sparkly path!

How to Choose!

Medical Disclaimer  (Required Legalese)

Please note, I am not a doctor or otherwise medically-trained human! Therefore it would be illegal for me to offer any diagnosis, treatment, "cure," or prevention of any health issue or disease. Thus, none of the above are offered here. The information and products on this website are for entertainment and informational purposes only, as required by law.

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada.

Regardless of the perceived scientific merit of information accessed hereon, readers/customers should consult a health care professional regarding any matter of concern related to their health. The Manifestory & Manifest*Essences assume no liability for any reader's personal interpretation. Failure to consult a licensed medical doctor prior to the purchase and subsequent use of any product, means you agree to assume the risk of any adverse effects.

Do not disregard professional medical advice, or delay seeking medical advice because you are accessing or using the information provided by this website. Neither the information nor the products on this website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health issue or disease. None of the information or products hereon should be construed as medical advice or instruction.

Medical Disclaimer
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