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Chakra Mantras


Image by Kristopher Roller

3D Chakra Mantras

Root / 1st Chakra

I am strong, supported & abundant.

Sacral / 2nd Chakra

I am the creator
of my entire reality.

Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra

I am loved.
I am worthy of pursuing
my passion & purpose.

Heart / 4th Chakra

I am Love. I give Love.
I am open to Love.

Throat / 5th Chakra

I am in alignment with
my truth. 
I speak with
clarity & intention.

Third Eye (Ajna) / 6th Chakra

I am in connection with my Spirit & I trust my Intuition.

Crown / 6th Chakra

I am one with the divine.
I honor the divine
within & around me.

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